January Dinner Features in Melba

Monday, 1st January 2017
Baked oysters
Australian pork chops with apple
Fragrant lamb biriyani
Baked Salmon
Tandoori chicken
Murray river salted caramel apple tarts
70% Chocolate éclairs

Tuesday, 2nd January
Grilled lobster with lemon myrtle Sauce
Grilled lobster with chervil beurre blanc
Grilled lobster without sauce
Hainaneise chicken with chilli jam
Homemade tagliatelle with tomatoes and basil sauce
Crispy Spanish style pork belly orange and chilli
Rotisserie lamb
Yuzu panna cotta
Sticky fig pudding with butterscotch schnapps

Wednesday, 3rd January
Grilled lobster with beurre noisette sage infused sauce 
Grilled lobster with chilli Thai sauce
Grilled lobster without sauce
Yellow Fin tuna nigiri
Slow braised pork check preserved lemon chickpeas and asparagus
Spinach & malai kofta
Stir fried wagyu beef with soy ginger sauce
Tia Maria coffee cream brûlée 

Thursday, 4th January
Jack Daniels barbeque beef ribs
Harissa lamb
Pork and prawn sui mai dumplings
Naan bread with ricotta and truffle
Sword fish with grilled asparagus
Blueberry and triple sec cheesecake
Mango daiquiri panna cotta 

Friday, 5th January
Tempura prawns
Ras al houte marinated beef
Tandoori Lamb
Braised pork and calvados apple Sauce
Unagi sushi roll
Raspberry crème brûlée
White chocolate cardamom panna cotta

Saturday 6th January
Wagyu steak with porcini and tarragon sauce
Pumpkin gnocchi with truffle cream sauce
Roasted calamari
Malaysian me goreng
Seared salmon nigiri
Coconut mousse donuts
Pina colada donuts
Live waffle station featuring freeze dried raspberries, lavender cream, jaffa ganache and brownie

Sunday, 7th January
Slow braised pork with asparagus
Roasted wagyu beef with horseradish and mustard crust
Yorkshire puddings
Spit roasted Chicken with harissa and smoked cinnamon
Soft shell crab sushi roll
Spinach & malai kofta - cheese dumpling in creamy spinach sauce
Matcha tea opera
Lemoncello crème brûlée


Monday, 8th January
Rotisserie chicken with rosemary and fig
Pasta rigatoni with braised duck & orange ragout
Naan with ricotta and truffle
Indian spice lamb kebab
Pipe Clay oyster shots – mojito and oyster rockerfeller
Blueberry and triple sec quark cheesecake
Valhorne chocolate and zesty orange sauce

Tuesday, 9th January
Traditional Butter chicken masala
Grilled lobster with lemon, lime and coriander beurre blanc
Grilled lobster and saffron butter sauce
Grilled lobster without sauce
Eel sushi roll
Chicken Penne with Marinated Sun dried Tomatoes and Provencale Sauce
Pumpkin gnocchi with jamon serrano
Chocolate and blood orange terrine
Poached rhubarb and pistachio crumble

Wednesday, 10th January
Mandarin scented braised beef brisket
Grilled lobster with sauce choron
Grilled lobster with lemon butter sauce
Grilled lobster without sauce
Squid ink linguini with cuttlefish
Southern Indian fish curry
Potato gratin, truffle oil, gruyere cheese 
Bailey’s Irish cream filled macaroons
Walnut and sticky date pudding serve with creamy butterscotch sauce

Thursday, 11th January
Harissa lamb with couscous
Glazed Ritten House bourbon beef ribs
Wok Singaporian chilli crab
Five spice duck pancakes
Palak Paneer
Bitter choco and chocolate nibs éclair
Raspberry cream pudding pistachio crumble

Friday, 12th January
Tempura Prawns
Cauliflower gratin with fontana cheese and truffle oil
Slow cooked tandoori lamb
Grilled snapper with aromatic herb crust
Potato gnocchi with aged pecorino and truffle cream sauce
Matcha tea opera
Meyer lemon crème brûlée

Saturday,  13th January
Roasted wagyu beef
Rotisserie chicken
Char grilled wagyu steak with chimichurri sauce
Prawn curry with toasted whole spices
Squid ink linguini with calamari
Hazelnut and Frangelico donuts
White chocolate and raspberry donuts
Live waffle station featuring candy orange, strawberry compote and dried mango

Sunday, 14th January
Roasted wagyu beef with Yorkshire puddings
Mexican spice marinated chicken with chipotle sauce
Seared tuna nigiri
Naan with truffle and wild mushrooms
Butter chicken
Poached pear and peach crumble
Valhrona chocolate tarts


Monday, 15th January
Oysters Kilpatrick
Rotisserie chicken with Moroccan spice
Traditional Peking style duck
Pumpkin gnocchi with Gippsland blue cheese
Chilli crispy pork belly
Blueberry and triple sec cheesecake
Mango daiquiri panna cotta


Tuesday, 16th January
Grilled lobster thermidor
Grilled lobster with citrus and chervil sauce
Grilled lobster with no sauce
Thai chicken stir fry
Shanghai dumplings
Greek style lemon potatoes
Eel sushi roll
Raspberry crème brûlée with pistachio crumble
White chocolate and cardomon panna cotta

Wednesday, 17th January

Grilled lobster with orange and saffron sauce

Grilled lobster with mango and coriander salsa with chilli

Grilled lobster with no sauce

Linguini with clams and cuttle fish 

Spinach & malai kofta

Southern Indian fish Curry Goan style

Fresh Tasmanian salmon nigiri

 Valhrona Chocolate terrine

 Lemon myrtle crème brûlée


Thursday, 18th January

Slow roasted Beef ribs Spicy Schezwan BBQ sauce

Thai chicken red curry with kiffer lime rice

Spicy Maloolaba prawn maki

Scallop and prawn dumpling

 Traditional dal makhani

Belgium chocolate and Cointreau cake


Friday, 19th January

Tempura prawn

Hainaneise chicken with chilli jam

Traditional “Black lentil and bean curry” Dal Makhani

Butter chicken naan

Crispy five spice pork belly five

 Matcha Tea opera cake

Lemoncello crème brûlée tart


Saturday, 20th January

 Minute steak with prawn and mussel sauce

Coffin Bay scallops

Traditional Peking duck

Har gow dumplings

Marinated chicken and calabrase linguini

Orange meringue donut

Nutella and Tim-Tam donut

Live Waffle Station featuring Cadbury chocolates and citrus curd


Sunday, 21st January

Roasted wagyu topside onion gravy and Yorkshire pudding

Pipe Clay oysters

 Southwest Indian Chicken curry kerala style

Singapore rice noodles

Aburi wagyu nigiri

 70% cocoa and coco nib éclair

Poached rhubarb and Heillia vanilla crumble


Monday, 22th January

Baked oyster with dry vermouth and chervil béarnaise

Pasta rigatoni with braised duck and orange ragout

Wok Singapore chilli crab

Sweet potato gratin

Palak Paneer

Traditional tiramisu caramel macadamia ice cream

Blood orange & Belgium chocolate tart


Tuesday, 23th January

Grilled lobster with roasted capsicum butter 

Grilled lobster with roasted garlic and citrus cream

Grilled lobster with no sauce

Malaysian me goreng

Pork and prawn shi mai

Traditional Butter chicken Marsala

Grilled eel sushi roll

 Peach Melba with raspberry sorbet

Salted caramel éclair


Wednesday, 24th January

Grilled lobster with saffron sauce

Grilled lobster with mint chilli sauce

Grilled lobster with no sauce

Chicken Churrasco

Potato gnocchi pecorino & truffle sauce

Wagyu beef pad Thai

Traditional Makhani

Double espresso macarons

Sticky date pudding


Thursday, 25th January

American style pork ribs

Harissa lamb

Pumpkin gnocchi with morel mushroom

Wok fried scallops

Prawn curry with kaffir lime and coconut cream

Valrhona chocolate pudding

Hazelnut crunch brownie


Friday 26th January - Australian day Specials

Tempura prawns

Tasmanian pacific oysters

Merumbla rock oysters

Lemon myrtle Tasmanian salmon

Salt bush spit roast lamb

Native pepper roast beef

Damper with Yarra Valley venison stew

BBQ Lilydale Chicken with bush tomato chutney

Roasted beetroot and Yarra valley fetta salad

Raspberry, lemon and orange lamingtons

Sprinkle lamingtons

Frost cheese mousse with carrot cake base

Pavlova with strawberry and passionfruit

Rosella rocky roads


Saturday 27th January

Char grilled wagyu steak with chimichurri sauce

Grilled beef bavette with cider jus

Spinach & malai kofta

Potato gnocchi with truffle sauce

Shanghai dumplings

Oreo and chocolate donuts

Mocha and hazelnut donuts

Waffle station featuring freeze dried raspberries, lavender cream, Jaffa ganache and brownie


Sunday 28th January

Scallop fettuccine

Char sui pork

Honey roast chicken

Roast beef sirloin and Yorkshire puddings

Ginger stir fry crab

Salted caramel calvados apple tarts

70% Choc and coco nib éclairs


Monday 29th January

Baked oyster and dry vermouth béarnaise

Pasta rigatoni with braised duck and orange ragout

Scallop and prawn dumplings

Roasted beef tas al hout spice rib

 Palak Panner

 Tia Maria coffee cream brûlée

Blood orange and Belgium chocolate tart


Tuesday 30th January

Grilled lobster with citrus and espelette butter Sauce

Grilled lobster with garlic butter sauce

Grilled lobster with no sauce

Rotisserie chicken

Traditional butter chicken masala

Roasted cauliflower fontina cheese herb crust

Twice cooked Lamb shoulder with oregano and honey served with

Pink Murray River salted caramel macarons

Belgium chocolate and blood orange éclair


Wednesday 31st January

Grilled lobster with Vietnamese mint and soy butter

Grilled lobster with maltase sauce

Grilled lobster with no sauce

Hainanise chicken and chilli jam 

Ras al houte marinated beef Sirloin

Pork and chestnut dumplings

Hazelnut and Frangelico Choux

Grand Marnier and orange chocolate tart


Menu subject to change without notice.