Saturday 1st July
Grilled wagyu Steaks with red wine jus
Five spice duck pancakes
Harissa roast chicken
Sage Beurre noisette pasta
Tandoori pork belly marinated in royal Indian spices  
Argentine marinated spit grilled beef)  
Homemade Marshmallows - Chocolate ferrero, sea salt and palm sugar, matcha, charcoal lemonade with chocolate, strawberry, salted caramel and grand marnier dipping sauces
Raspberry and white chocolate donuts
Ferrero Rocher donuts
Pink berry waffles with roasted white chocolate and orange crème aux  

Sunday 2nd July
Five spice pork belly
Chipotle Roast chicken
Char kway teow
Spinach and malai kofta
Spit roasted rosemary and garlic spiked lamb with gremolata
Carved beef sirloin  with burre cafe de Paris
Bread and butter pudding with cinnamon anglaise
Milk dumplings filled with pistachio served

Monday 3rd July
Oyster Kilpatrick
Soft shell crab sushi
Tandoori lamb kebab cotted with coloured sweet peppers
Penne puttanesca
Japanese miso soup
Roasted Orange salmon with pickled ginger aioli
French East dumpling soaked white rum and orange
Pink Lemonade cupcakes  

Tuesday 4th July – Fourth of July Dinner
Buffalo Wings
BBQ sweet potato
Grilled Lobster sorrel veloute
Char grill corn with smoked paprika and cheese
American fried chicken with blue cheese dipping sauce and celery
Cobb salad
Potato salad
Gazpacho in Shot Glasses
Bacon macaroni salad
BBQ pork ribs
Corn bread
Mix beans salad
California Roll
Coleslaw salad
Corn salad
Clam chowder
Pina colada espuma station and dehydrated pineapple
New York cheese cake
Sour cherry pie
Peanut butter and jelly warm pudding
Key lime macaron
Oreo cupcakes

Wednesday 5th July
Grilled lobster spiced pimento butter sauce and persillade crumb
Shanghai dumplings
Avocado and prawn sushi rolls
Chicken butter Masala
Beer and Brown Sugar sirloin Marinade
Walnut & Sticky Date Pudding with  salted caramel sauce
Mandarin and yuzu elairs

Thursday 6th July
Barbecue Beef rib rattlesnake sauce
Shanghai dumplings
Marinated Spit grilled beef with salsa verde
Mussel & clam paella   
Pad Thai
Lamb kebabs
Chicken tikka
Spicy prawn maki  
Salted caramel profiteroles
Peach and pistachio crumble

Friday 7th July – World Chocolate Day
Tempura Prawns with aioli
Grilled eel sushi roll
Linguine ai Frutti di Mare
Rotisserie Greek oregano chicken
Whole leg of lamb cook in Tandoori oven  Raan  
Greek style Lemon potatos     
Made to order naan filled with Belgian chocolate shavings
Lindt Chocolate fountain
Rich white chocolate infused with strawberry
Dark Belgium chocolate
Chocolate truffle torte
White chocolate and raspberry mousse cake with red valuate crumb
Valrhona 66% chocolate mousse cup with macerated cherry and viola petal
Hazelnut and chocolate petit tartlet with caramel crispies
Connoisseur Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
Connoisseur Chocolate Ice Cream
Cadbury Candy Chocolate Bar
An Eton mess of wild berries with red sherbet crumble
Passionfruit and sweet basil Macaroons

Saturday 8th July
Grilled wagyu top side Steaks with Mushroom jus
Moroccan spiced leg of lamb
Mussels and clam Marinara
Rotisserie  Spanish style pork belly orange and chilli
Singapore Rice Noodles
Mango panna cotta
Made to order Nutella and Oreo crumb waffles
Lemon meringue donuts
Cinnamon Coffee donuts

Sunday 9th July
Chicken katzu roll
Malaysian chili beef stir fry
Linguni calabrese
Spinach and malai kofta
Rotisserie marinated Lamb
Beef garlic and tarragon sirloin with Yorkshire pudding
Apple cinnamon crumble
Strawberry shortcake cupcakes

Monday 10th July
Baked Oysters Florentine
Beef Brisket  slow braised  burgundy stlye
Chicken churrasco
Japanese Eel ochazuke rice
Gilafi kebab with sweet peppers
Chicken and prawn sui mai
Passionfruit Macaroons  
Chocolate cinnamon crumble         

Tuesday 11th July
Grilled Lobster sauce choron
Dijon mustard rosemary marinated sirloin
Har gow
Chicken butter Masala
Pepper marinate roasted lamb
Clam chowder   
Coffee éclairs
Toblerone cheesecake with blue berry

Wednesday 12th July
Grilled Lobster Citus and chervil  burre noisette
Blue swimmer crab naan bread
Traditional Indian dosa with potato, lamb, Cottage cheese or egg
Mini chirashi sushi
Smoked salmon cured with beetroot
Hot chocolate pudding
Pistachio &  yogurt tarts
Raspberry triffle

Thursday 13th July
New York pork ribs with smoked barbecue sauce
Soft shell crab temaki roll
Lamb kebabs
Rotisserie Beef Shawarma with tahina and sumac sauce
Seafood stir fry
Lemon thyme marinated chicken
Black forest cupcake
Poached balsamic strawberrys and cream shots

Friday 14th July
Warm tempura Prawns ginger wasabi dressing
Char sui pork
Honey glazed roast leg of lamb
Chicken butter Masala
Ebi sushi roll
Whole leg of lamb cook in Tandoori oven  
Chocolate and orange self saucing hazelnut stressel
An Eton mess of berries with red sherbet crumble
Blood Plum and almond crumble  

Saturday 15th July
Prawn Curry
Thai beef salad
Grilled wagyu top side Steaks with red wine jus
Crispy pork belly with orange and chilli
Tempura prawn sushi
Gippsland blue Cheese
Matcha and strawberry cake
Nutella and Tim Tam donuts
Dolce chocolate and Freeze dried raspberries donuts
Chocolate mousse waffles with house made chocolate fudge

Sunday 16th July
Pork and prawn siu mai
Salmon and avocado sushi roll
Five spice duck pancakes
Slow roasted spiced beef sirloin
Rotisserie Lamb leg  gremotata
Spinach and malai kofta
Hot and sour noodles
Manderin and yuzu éclairs
Raspberry panna cotta

Monday 17th July
Oysters Rockefeller
Shanghai dumplings
Chicken katzu roll
Char sui roast pork
Mussels and clam Marinara
Rotisserie  Spanish style pork belly orange and chilli
Black forest cupcake
Pistachio ,yogurt and orange tarts
Apple and roasted cinnamon crumble

Tuesday 18th July
Grilled Lobster  kaffir lime Garlic
Eel ochazuke rice in broth
Chicken Hoolayali
Gnocchi spicy pesto and crumbled goats cheese
Mie goreng
Roasted duck
Salted caramel profiteroles
Raspberry macaroon

Wednesday 19th July  
Grilled Lobster kaffir lime Garlic
Shanghai dumplings
Peri-peri  marinated chicken
Lemon polenta cake
Roast Lamb  Chermoulla marinate
Blue swimmer crab naan bread
Traditional Indian dosa with potato, lamb, chicken or cottage cheese
White chocolate self saucing pudding
Orange tarts

Thursday 20th July
Texas Beef Ribs Bourbon barbecue Sauce  
Porcini mushroom risotto
Scallop Potato  
Lamb seek Kebab
Har gow dumpling
Murry River salted caramel pudding
Tiramisu macroons

Friday 21st July
Tempura prawns
Penang laksa with Lobster chucks
Prawn pad Thai
Penne prosciutto and sage butter
Whole leg of lamb cook in Tandoori oven  
Akadashi miso soup
Yarra valley assorted heirloom tomatoes and Burrata, tasting station
Deconstructed Key Lime Composition with ivory chocolate malto
Hot chocolate pudding

Saturday 22nd July
Grilled wagyu top side steaks with caramelised onion jus
Prawn Curry
Char sui pork
Paner malai tika
Rotisserie Greek oregano chicken
Lemon potatos   
Potato gnocchi with crispy pancetta
Made to order white chocolate waffles
Lavender Cream donuts
Salted caramel popcorn donuts

Sunday 23rd July
Penang laksa with Scallops
Roasted pork with rosemary garlic rub
Tuna nigiri
Spinach and malai kofta
Roast lamb chermoulla
Fish Curry
Red velve cupcakes
Salted caramel toblerone cheese cake

Monday 24th July
Baked Oyster Gratin
Gnocchi Al Pomodoro
Twice cooked Angus brisket with rich port wine sauce
Mussel & clam paella   
Smoked salmon cured with beetroot
Duck fat roasted potatoes with confit onion
Raspberry triffle
Tim Tam macarons

Tuesday 25th of July – Christmas in July Dinner
Grilled Lobster with Chermoula
Roast Turkey with fruit & Pine nut stuffing
Ginger and maple glazed roast ham
Cranberry roast chicken
Bacon and prune wrapped sausages with sweet mustard pickles
Maple glazed root vegetables with candied Kaiser fleish  
Five spice and burnt orange glazed whole leg of  ham
Sweet corn, shitake mushrooms and spinach dumplings
Sticky pork bao with warm spring onion salsa  
Spanner Crab and squid Ink linguini
Chilled seafood Bar with cocktail sauce and condiments
Crunchy granny smith apple and celeriac salad with blue swimmer crab meat   
Candy cane trifle
Plum pudding macarons
White chocolate mousse
Banoffee tarts
Christmas pudding

Wednesday 26th July
Grilled Lobster with chermoula
Shanghai dumplings
Rotisserie lamb with Lemon myrtle garlic
Chicken butter masala
Beer and brown sugar sirloin
Walnut & sticky date pudding with brandy butterscotch sauce
Poached Balsamic strawberry and cream shots

Thursday 27th July
Double braised Beef Ribs smoked pepper and honey Sauce
Shanghai dumplings
Pad Thai
Tagliatelle pasta marinara
Lamb kebabs
Chicken tikka masala
Spicy prawns
Murry river Salted caramel profiteroles
Orange macarons

Friday 28th July
Warm tempura Prawns with chilli sambal
Whole leg of lamb cook in Tandoori oven  
Eel  sushi roll
Linguine ai Frutti di Mare
Roast beef served with colcannon potato
Fresh Pasta linguini olive and pancetta  
Buffalo chicken wings
Eton mess of wild berrieswith red sherbet crumble
Zesty Lemon Bread and butter pudding with spiced vanilla bean anglaise

Saturday 29th July
Grilled wagyu top side Steaks with red wine jus
Five spice duck pancakes
Rotisserie pork belly Spanish style orange and chilli
Fresh pasta capsicum prawn
Harissa roast chicken
Paner Malai Tiki
Sage Beurre noisette Linguini
Iced Vo Vo donuts
Oreo crumb donuts
Waffles made to order with strawberries and roasted white chocolate

Sunday 30th  July
Penang laksa with Lobster
Chipotle Roast chicken
Spinach and malai kofta
Marinated heirloom tomato salad with shiraz marinated cream filled mozzarella
Char kway teow
Crispy Schezwan pork
Slow double cooked beef cheek
Saladaise potatos
BBQ pork buns
Hazelnut white peach & chocolate pudding
Saffron gulab jamun with pistachio served with spiced vanilla ice-cream  

Monday 31th July
Oyster Kilpatrick  
Soft shell crab sushi
Gilafi sheek  exotic kebab cotted with coloured sweet peppers
Fresh pasta roasted pinenuts and pulled lamb
Akadashi miso soup
Roast Lamb  Chermoulla marinate
Potato Dauphoise
Raspberry and cream macarons
Hazlenut praline tiramisu

Menu subject to change without notice