May Dinner Features in Melba

Monday 1st May
Oyster Kilpatrick
Pork and prawn siu mai
Indian Somosas
Tempura soft shell crab, tobiko, beetroot and daikon
Pan fried three cheese gnocchi
French Vanilla Slice
Strawberry Crunchy Crumble

Tuesday 2nd May
Grilled Lobster with parmesan and thyme
Steamed Pork Buns
Lamb boti kebab
Rekorderlig cider roast pork
Hot and sour noodles
Salted caramel profiteroles
Cookies & cream cupcakes

Wednesday 3rd May
Grilled Lobster with Citrus butter sauce
Char Sui Pork
Portuguese roast chicken
Grilled steak with Dijon mustard
Sashimi taco
Bread and butter pudding with Maple Banana Sauce
Cherry ripe cupcakes

Thursday 4th May
Bourbon and maple syrup ribs
Herb crusted roast lamb
Spaghetti Marinara
BBQ pork buns
Spicy Tuna Hand roll
Creme brulee cheesecake
Tim Tam macarons

Friday 5th May
Crispy tempura prawns
Roast pork with  sage stuffing
Honey & lime roast chicken
Singapore-style noodles
Tagliatelle carbonara
Choc mint cupcakes
Warm butterscotch pudding

Saturday 6th May
Grilled Sirloin Steaks
Five spice duck pancakes with hosin sauce
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
Butter chicken
Lemon curd and jam donuts
Chocolate filled Kit Kat donuts
Made to order apple pie crumble waffles
Cookie and cream Connoisseur Ice Cream

Sunday 7th May
Tempura calamari
Garlic and rosemary roast pork
Tempura soft shell crab, tobiko, beetroot and daikon
Pan fried three cheese, chilli & sage gnocchi
Hoisin glazed roast chicken
Marmalade croissant bread and butter pudding
Chocolate crème brulee

Monday 8th May
Oysters Rockefeller
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
Sesame chicken wings
Mustard herb roast lamb
Pork belly tikka
Raspberry crème brûlée
Baileys tiramisu

Tuesday 9th May
Grilled Lobster with chilli and lime
Indian Somosas
Cajan roast chicken
Fresh tagliatelle with heirloom tomatoes
Lamb Madras
Red velvet cup cakes
Chocolate pudding

Wednesday 10th May
Grilled Lobster with lemoncello sauce
Grilled steak with Dijon mustard
Fresh tagliatelle with porcini white wine sauce and crispy pancetta
Pork and prawn siu mai
Lemongrass and kaffir lime roast chicken
Pad Thai
Vanilla cupcakes with Chai frosting
Hot chocolate pudding

Thursday 11th May
Jalapeño Barbecue Ribs
Cantonese roast pork
Prawn Shumai Dumplings
Sashimi taco
Grilled steak with Dijon mustard
Baileys tiramisu
Apple pie macarons

Friday 12th May
Panko fried prawns
Maple glazed chicken wings
BBQ pork buns
Wok XO stirfry
Indian Somosas
Lemon delicious pudding
Black Forest Trifle

Saturday 13th May
Grilled Sirloin Steaks
Chinese roast duck pancakes with plum sauce
BBQ pork buns
Wasabi salmon sushi roll
Strawberry shortcake donuts
Chocolate pretzel donuts
Made to order raspberry and white chocolate waffles
Caramel honey macadamia Connoisseur Ice Cream

Sunday 14th May
Mother’s Day Menu

Monday 15th May
Baked Oyster Mornay
Pork Belly Tikka
Tempura soft shell crab, tobiko, beetroot and daikon
Chipotle lime roast chicken
Prawn siu mai
Chocolate walnut cupcakes
Pear crunch crumble

Tuesday 16th May
Grilled Lobster with roasted garlic sauce
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
Cajan roast chicken
Five spice duck pancake
Fresh tagliatelle with heirloom tomatos
Key lime cupcakes
Bailey profiteroles

Wednesday 17th May
Grilled Lobster with herb butter
Indian Somosas
Lemon thyme roast chicken
Char Sui pork
Pad Thai
Vanilla cinnamon bread and butter pudding
Coffee eclairs

Thursday 18th May
Smokey BBQ Ribs             
Cantonese fried rice
Salt and pepper whitebait
Hot chicken wings
Pork and prawn siu mai
Butterscotch cupcakes
Nutella Naan

Friday 19th May
Tempura prawns
Sushi lobster roll
Roast chicken with chilli jam
Char kway teow
Tagliatelle with porcini white wine sauce and crispy pancetta
Mocha cupcakes
Peanut butter brownie trifle

Saturday 20th May
Grilled Sirloin Steaks
Hoisin duck pancakes
BBQ pork buns
Beef Masala
Indian vegetable samosa
Apple crumble donuts
Peanut butter and chocolate donuts
Made to order Nutella and oreo crumb waffles
Chocolate Connoisseur Ice Cream

Sunday 21st May
Crispy tempura calamari with sweet and sour dipping sauce
Roast Pork Leg with apricot stuffing
Tuna Tataki
Singapore Rice Noodles
Prawn Tandoori
Salted caramel popcorn éclairs
Hot chocolate pudding

Monday 22nd May
Panko fried oysters
Pork and prawn siu mai
Hoisin glazed roast chicken
Sashimi taco
Pan fried three cheese, chilli & sage gnocchi
Raspberry Eaton mess
Apple cinnamon crumble

Tuesday 23rd May
Grilled Lobster with dill and lemon butter sauce
Slow roasted lamb with garlic
Shanghai dumplings
South Indian Duck Curry
Chinese style chicken wings with sesame
Salty caramel popcorn tarts
Chocolate cherry torte

Wednesday 24th May
Grilled lobster with béchamel sauce
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
Pan fried potato gnocchi with crispy bacon
Peri peri roast chicken
Sticky caramel roast pork
Apple cobbler crumble
Pina colada cupcakes

Thursday 25th May
Memphis hickory ribs
Indian Somosas
Chicken Ribs with chilli sambal
Grilled steak with Dijon mustard
Calamari fritti with smoked chipotle
Oreo brownies
Nutella naan

Friday 26th May
Tempura Prawns
Grilled steak with Dijon mustard
Balsamic cranberry roast pork
Roast lamb rack with harissa and herb pistachio crust
Chicken tikka masala
Salted caramel cupcakes
Hazlenut praline tiramisu

Saturday 27th May
Grilled Sirloin Steaks
Harrisa roast chicken
Char kway teow
Five spice duck pancakes
Lemon Meringue Pie donuts
Crushed Oreo with Nutella injected donut
Made to order peanut butter and banana waffles
Cookies and cream Connoisseur ice cream

Sunday 28th May
Roast Pork with cider
Butter Chicken
Nasi Goreng
Potato gnocchi with crispy pancetta
Szechuan Prawns             
Chocolate biscuits Mudslide trifle
Black forest cupcakes
Monday 29th May
New Orleans Baked Oysters
Chipotle lime roast chicken
Roast beef with herb and walnut crust
Formed Wasabi salmon toro sushi roll
Nasi Goreng
Creme caramel
Spanish churros with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce

Sunday 30th May
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
Mango and prawn curry
Mustard herb roast pork
Cajan roast chicken
Pan fried potato gnocchi
Rocky road cupcakes
Sticky date pudding, butterscotch sauce

Menu subject to change without notice.