May Dinner Features


Tuesday 22nd May
Grilled lobster with saffron beurre blanc
Grilled lobster with XO sauce
Grilled lobster without sauce
Creamy carbonara spaghetti
Chipotle lime roast chicken
Wagyu nigiri sushi
Steamed snapper with oyster sauce
Chicken biryani
Roast pork belly with apple sauce
Apricot and chocolate cheesecake
Spiced apple crumble

Wednesday 23rd May
Baked lobster au cocotte
Sage and garlic roast chicken
Har gao dumpling
Char grilled steaks
Fish curry with saffron rice
Char sui pork
Baileys Irish Creme Brulee
Strawberry shortcake cupcakes
Connoisseur cookies and cream ice cream 

Thursday 24th May
Sticky barbeque pork ribs
Shanghai dumplings
Orecchiette with lemon crumb
Pulled pork bao
Five spice duck pancake
Lamb kebab
Mocha éclairs
Chocolate and Cointreau mudcake
Artisan cheese station

Friday 25th May
Prawns tempura
Truffle and parmesan fries
Za’atar fries
Lamb osso buco with rosemary polenta
Gnocchi with aged pecorino and truffle cream
Singapore chilli crab
Strawberry and mascarpone tart
Wildberry tiramisu
Milk chocolate fountain
Cadbury candy bar 

Saturday 26th May
Grilled sirloin steaks with porcini mushroom
Macaroni al formaggio pasta
Rotisserie orange pork belly
Pipe clay kalamasi mojito shots
Chipotle lime roast chicken
Shanghai xiao long bao
Lamb vindaloo
Hazelnut and Frangelico donuts
White chocolate and raspberry donuts
Made to order waffles with pretzels and Oreo crumble

Sunday 27th May
Seafood paella
Chicken souvlaki with aioli
Roasted wagyu beef
Yorkshire puddings
Salmon Nigiri roll
Char grilled sirloin with mushroom sauce
BBQ pork buns Chocolate and caramel tarts
Black forest mousse

Monday 28th May – National Burger Day
Like we needed an excuse to enjoy a hearty burger.
For one night only, Melba will be grilling up a storm.
Wagyu beef burgers with foie gras and black truffle aioli
Peri peri chicken burgers with smoked chipotle aioli
Falafel burgers with homemade tzatziki

Oysters Kilpatrick
Baked oysters with saffron sabayon
Portuguese marinated chicken
Char grilled mushroom slider
Red wine lamb shanks
Smoked salmon with capers
Shanghai dumplings
Pan fried potato gnocchi, crispy bacon
Pink Murray River salted caramel tart
Pistachio cheese cake entremets 

Tuesday 29th May
Grilled lobster salsa verde
Grilled lobster with citrus beurre blanc
Grilled lobster without sauce
Gippsland dry aged sirloin steak
Yorkshire puddings
Soft shell crab sushi 
Sheppard’s pie
Traditional fish curry
Chocolate cannoli with infused chocolate mousse
Strawberry shortcake cupcakes

Wednesday 30th May
Lobster thermidor
Garlic thyme roasted chicken
Baked swordfish with saffron sauce
Traditional butter chicken
Naan bread made to order
Flat rice noodles
Lemon meringue
Apple mousse cake
Connoisseur cookies and cream ice cream

Thursday 31st May
Smoked barbeque pork ribs
Brisket bao with smoked chipotle sauce
Salmon Nigiri roll
Lamb kebab
Shanghai dumplings
Salted caramel éclairs
M&M Naan
White chocolate fountain


Menu subject to change without notice