Wednesday 1st November
Grilled lobster with garlic saffron sauce or grilled lobster with no sauce
Truffle macaroni and cheese
Rotisserie chicken
Spanish style braised octopus with pearl couscous
Scallop potatoes with caramelised onion and cognac cream
Indian fish curry from the Goa Region
Raspberry opera log
Belgium chocolate truffle torte

Thursday 2nd November
Makers Mark Bourbon barbeque glazed ribs
Spit roast Gippsland lamb with harissa
Wok tossed Singapore chilli crab
Confit duck
Hot naan filled with truffle cottage cheese
Ricotta and spinach tortellini
70% cocoa chocolate éclair
Poached rhubarb and Heilala vanilla crumble

Friday 3th November
Tempura prawns with calamansi aioli
Potato gnocchi with truffle sauce
Shanghai dumplings
Zucchini flower Mexican empanadas
Rotisserie lamb with gremolata
Limoncello meringues
Belgium chocolate tart with salted caramel pearls

Saturday 4th November
Grilled Angus steak with spicy sauce
Baked truffle gnocchi with kale and ricotta crumble
Linguini with prawn and scallops
Mussel and clam chowder
Mediterranean style sea bass
Torn burratta with semi dried tomatoes and kalamata olive
Lavender cream donuts
Salted caramel donuts
Waffle station Nutella and brownie crumbs

Sunday 5th November
Roasted wagyu beef with Yorkshire puddings
Rotisserie chicken
Soft shell crab maki roll
Salmon gravlax
Prawn salad with Marie Rose sauce
King prawn curry
Yuzu panna cotta
Salted caramel éclair

Monday 6th November
Oyster kilpatrick
Wagyu beef quesadillas
Mooloolaba prawn cocktail
Rotisserie chicken with Moroccan spices
Traditional Peking duck
Southern Indian chicken curry
Tia Maria coffee cream brûlée
Blood orange & Belgium chocolate Tart

Tuesday 7th November
Grilled lobster with garlic sauce or grilled lobster with no sauce
Pork and prawn house made dumplings
Rotisserie lamb
Pumpkin gnocchi with pancetta and smoked fetta
Indian Chicken chilli and peanut curry
Citrus New York cheese cake
Calvados apple petit four

Wednesday 8th November
Grilled lobster with beurre noisette sauce or grilled lobster with no sauce
Wagyu steak with bordelaise sauce
Cauliflower gratin with truffle oil and toasted almonds
Wagyu beef nigiri sushi Tagliatelle fresh basil and crumbled ricotta
Southwest Indian chicken curry
Beetroot and spice cured salmon
Yuzu walnut brownie
Belgium chocolate éclair

Thursday 9th November
Jack Daniels glazed barbeque ribs
Truffle mac and cheese
Prawn Curry
Mussel and clam salad
Baked zucchini gratin
Char kuey tiao
Kaluha tiramisu
Chocolate freeze dried raspberry tart

Friday 10th November
Tempura Maloolaba prawn
BBQ pork buns
Roasted wagyu beef
Seared salmon nigiri
Butter chicken masala
Roast crispy pork belly
Pistachio cheesecake
Yuzu panna cotta

Saturday 11th November
Rotisserie chicken
Pork and calvados soaked apple
Prawn dumplings
Southern Indian fish curry
Chicken and calabrasi linguini
Squid ink linguini with calamari and heirloom tomatoes
Salted caramel and popcorn donuts
Donuts with freeze dried raspberries
Waffle station featuring lavender cream, red velvet crumb and berry compote

Sunday 12th November
Roasted wagyu beef with Yorkshire puddings
Traditional Peking duck
Roasted lamb with harissa
Cured salmon on compressed cucumber
Scallop salad
Naan stuffed with truffle & wild mushrooms or butter chicken
Mango panna cotta
Stawberry chocolate fountain

Monday 13th November
Oysters kilpatrick
Rotisserie lamb with harissa
Pork and prawn dumplings
Gnocchi with crumbed goats cheese and heirloom tomatoes
Sichuan pepper calamari with roasted garlic aioli
Traditional black lentil and bean curry
Pistachio cheese mousse petit four
Apple frangipani log

Tuesday 14th November
Grilled lobster with garlic cream sauce and grilled lobster with no sauce
Shanghai dumplings
Hainanese chicken with chilli jam
Pork and pistachio terrine
Roast beef with mustard rub
Grilled eel sushi roll
Trio berry New York cheesecake
Hazelnut éclair

Wednesday 15th November
Grilled lobster with pernod beurre blanc or grilled lobster with no sauce
Crispy pork with ginger
Gnocchi with truffle sauce
Lamb kebab with sweet peppers
Seared salmon nigiri
Southwest Indian Chicken curry
Tia maria macarons
Opera cake slice

Thursday 16th November
Bourbon glazed barbeque beef ribs
Pipe Clay and Port Douglas Oysters
Char kway teow
Roast sticky chicken
Spinach kofta
Wild mushrooms and cottage cheese brushed with saffron butter
Mulligatawny soup
Cadbury candy bar
Matcha tiramisu

Friday 17th November
Tempura prawns
Greek lemon potatoes
Rotisserie oregano chicken
Grilled steak with seeded mustard
Truffle cauliflower soup
Malaysian me goreng
Seared salmon nagri
Yuzu panacotta
Sticky date pudding

Saturday 18th November
Wagyu steak with porcini and tarragon sauce
Roast lamb with garlic and pepperade
Potato gnocchi with truffle sauce
Confit sardine granny smith apple salad
Clam and mussel chowder
Pina colada donuts
Donuts with coconut mousse
Waffle station featuring freeze dried raspberries, lavender cream, Jaffa ganache and brownie crumb

Sunday 19th November
Merimbula Sydney rock oysters
Rotisserie Chinese spice chicken
Spicy maloolaba prawn maki
Roasted wagyu beef with Yorkshire puddings
Rotisserie lamb with harissa
Crab claw and celeric remoulade
Limoncello brûlée
Matcha opera cake

Monday 20th November
Oysters Rockefeller
Whole barramundi with tamarind sauce
Pulled pork tosatadas
Kebab naan with lamb with Indian spices
Cheese and spinach curry
Five spice duck pancakes
White chocolate tiramisu
Grand Marnier chocolate tart

Tuesday 21st November
Grilled lobster with sorrel and dill sauce or grilled lobster with no sauce
Marinated wagyu beef
Bloody Mary pipe clay oyster shots
Chicken katsu roll
Shanghai dumplings
Carrot cake with lemon cream
Pistachio cheesecake

Wednesday 22th November
Grilled lobster with burnt orange and saffron butter sauce or grilled lobster with no sauce
Squid ink linguini
Rotisserie Moroccan chicken
Braised wagyu beef
Prawn dumplings
Southern Indian fish curry
Raspberry panna cotta
Murray River Pink salted caramel macarons

Thursday 23th November
Chinese style barbecue beef ribs
Truffle mac and cheese
Roast lamb with harissa
Butter chicken masala
Local Marysville smoked trout
Beetroot cured salmon
Lemon cheesecake
Opera log

Friday 24th November
Tempura prawns
Rotisserie chicken
Greek style potatoes
Shanghai dumplings
Spicy tandoor lamb
Chicken katsu roll
Yuzu panacotta
Tia Maria double espresso éclairs
Cadbury candy bar

Saturday 25th November
Grilled rib filet with foie gras jus
Wok fried traditional pad thai
Sumac roast lamb
Confit sardine calvados macerated granny smith apple salad
Kebabs with sweet peppers
New Zealand Mussel and clam chowder
Nutella and Oreo donuts
Red velvet donuts
Waffle station featuring freeze dried raspberries, lemon curd and caramel sauce

Sunday 26th November
Roasted wagyu beef with Yorkshire puddings
Grey Goose vodka Bloody Mary oyster shots
Traditional Peking duck
Maloolaba prawn salad
Persillade crusted salmon
Spicy eel maki
Coffee cream brûlée
Heilala vanilla & apple petit fours

Monday 27th November
Baked Oyster with dry vermouth béarnaise
Spit roasted lamb with harissa
Singapore chilli crab
Pork dumplings
Beet and spice cured Salmon on horseradish cream fraiche
Black lentil and bean curry
Blueberry cheesecake
Swiss chocolate and walnut brownie

Tuesday 28th November
Grilled lobster with chermoula or grilled lobster without sauce
Shanghai dumpling
Grilled eel sushi roll
Crispy Spanish style pork belly orange and chilli
Five spice duck pancakes
Ras al houte wagyu beef
Matcha opera log
Red velvet slice

Wednesday 29th November
Grilled lobster with lemon sauce or grilled lobster with no sauce
Southern Indian fish curry
Pad Thai
Shumai dumplings
Toscatta station
Sautéed Yarra Valley chicken with braised pancetta
Kiffler potatoes roasted garlic and rosemary
Braised octopus and blood orange salad
Lemon mrytle crème brûlée
Belgium chocolate truffle torte

Thursday 30th November
New York barbeque glazed ribs
Grey goose Bloody Mary Pipe Clay oyster shots
Gnocchi with crumbed goats cheese
Wok cooked Singapore chilli crab
Cheese and spinach curry
Lemon and herb road chicken
Naan with ricotta and truffle stuffing
Chocolate terrine
Poached rhubarb crumble


Menu subject to change without notice